About us

Nellyvision Ltd is a software development and digital agency based in Brighton focused on solving difficult problems, producing proof of concepts and creating prototypes.

Additionally we also have experience in all areas of games development, and have worked on pretty much all platforms from the original PlayStation through to the XBox One. We have also ported games onto platforms such as 3DS, Wii-U and Xbox One.

Nellyvision Ltd was formed after the Second Life makers Linden Lab closed down in the UK in 2010. Two games industry veterans, Elaine Green and Gabriel Lee, set out with the intention of straddling the difficult area between ‘media’ and games. Since then they have worked on many amazing things for many amazing people; Augmented Reality for SIGGRAPH Chair Rebecca Strzelec, CUDA and maths madness with point clouds for Digicave, Iris Connect’s new multi camera video app and iOS news casting for the masses for NewsFlare – amongst many others.

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