We’ve assembled our army of Alices, equipped them all with flamingo guns and released them into the wild of iOS.

Download Mirrored now and see how far you can go, before you inevitably succumb to the fickle nature of the platforms you desperately try to navigate.¬†Or, you know, run your army of Alices into a bunch of enemies, which then monsterficates them (that’s totally a real term), in turn monsterficating even more Alices, right before they pick up a flamingo gun of their own and obliterate whoever you have left.

Either is a plausible scenario. One filled with the death screams of so, so many falling Alices, the other with fire. Flamingo fire, mind you, and that’s the worst kind of fire – trust us, we built these things.

Please note that no Alices were harmed in the making of this game. We think. We lost track of the real one a little while back, but we’re sure she’s fine! Totally fine, not a monster, nope. You should try out the game now.



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