Election – A good ol’ beat ’em up

This years election is all getting a bit personal. Choose who you support and fight your way to the Whitehouse in this old school style 2D fighter.

Version 15 – Made it harder…

Keyboard: Arrow keys + Space, or WASD + Space

Touch: Swipe / Tap

Tip 1: Hold the direction keys, and press space to perform the move, i.e. hold W & D (up arrow and right arrow) then press Space to punch keep holding W & D and press space again to punch again, continue holding W & D and press space a third time to perform a special punch.

Tip 2: If space doesn’t seem to be working (occurs on certain keyboards on windows), use any of the following keys instead of space: Z, X, N, M

Touch: A gesture system has been implemented, swipe the direction and the move will be performed when you remove your finger. i.e. swipe diagonally up and towards the other character to punch. Try drawing a circle to do a special punch.

Election! Based loosely on Santa’s Fist of Doom by Nellyvision Ltd

Election reskin:

Art: Andrew, Code: Elaine and Gabriel, Audio: Gabriel

…with fab chip tunes be RoccoW:

F*ck Sidechain Compression

Gameboy and F*ckaboing

licensed under a Attribution License https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/4.0/

Visit http://freemusicarchive.org/music/RoccoW/ for more of his tunes!

Original Fist of Doom by:

Art: Alex and Steve, Code: Gabriel and Elaine, Production: Neo, Audio: Gabriel – Ho Ho HO!

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